Thursday, December 05, 2013

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December Projects, Day #5

Prompt for day #5: what haunts you

I wish I had::

... hugged my friends and family a lot more.

... not spoken so many hurtful words.

... thought twice before sending that bitter or angry message.

... more patience with my daughter.

... more discipline to create and continue to follow good habits.

... better determination to keep my sink free of dirty dishes.

... been nicer to my sister when we were children.

... extra hours in the day to write letters.

... showed more gratitude.

... prayed when things got rough instead of fallen into fear or anxiety.

Time to let go of the past and look to a better, positive future. These ghosts can melt with the dawn of the new year.

~ December Prompt a Day from Write Alm

She Is the Future



the habit of being said...

it looks very much like i could have written this list! i think we should all add, treat ourselves gently and with compassion :)

Lyssa said...

You are SO right! True compassion for others cannot happen unless we have compassion for ourselves.