Tuesday, December 10, 2013

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December Projects Day #10

Prompt for day #10: should / shouldn't

This could easily turn into a list of "I should do but I didn't do". Let's not. How about this...

Should I look back on this past year with regret? No, I shouldn't.

Should I beat myself up for making mistakes? No, I shouldn't.

Should I set myself up for failure by thinking negative thoughts when I try to change? No, I shouldn't.

Should I neglect talking to God out of guilt because I forgot to read my Bible for the past few days? No, I shouldn't.

Should I make excuses when I can't do everything I am asked, feeling terrible because my days don't have thirty hours in them? No, I shouldn't.

And now::

Will I look forward to the upcoming year with open heart, excited for newness? Yes, I WILL.

Will I move on from past mistakes, accepting the Grace that has set me free? Yes, I WILL.

Will I think positively so that I can establish new, good habits? Yes, I WILL.

Will I continue to come before the throne of Him who welcomes me whether I've read my Bible faithfully or not? Yes, I WILL.

Will I encourage myself to have better eating habits, but not berate myself over the occasional quick snack? Yes, I WILL.

Will I prioritize my life so that the most important tasks are accomplished, with my family and personal well-being at the top of the list so that we can all be healthy and happy to serve? Yes, I WILL.

Will I remember that no matter what happens, God is good all the time? Yes, I WILL.

Will I love my little girl even during the hard moments in the middle of the night or when I'm at the end of my patience? Yes, I WILL.

Will I wake up to each day striving to live a life of gratitude, even when I stumble? Yes, I WILL.

{Many thanks to Amanda at the habit of being for encouraging me to show myself more compassion! As I have been shown compassion, so I need to learn how to give compassion to my own heart so that I may pass it on to others.}

St. Nicholas Brings Pom Poms in Her Shoes

If you have toddlers, check out this lovely article: A Jolly Toddler Holiday- 3 Ways to Enrich the Experience. We hope to keep our celebrations this Christmas exciting but low key for our daughter, enjoying things that would make her happy yet not overwhelmed. Pom poms are one of her favorite toys, so we filled her shoes with them on St. Nicholas' day!


Jennifer - The Deliberate Mom said...

Yes, show yourself compassion. God showed your compassion, so you need to be compassionate with yourself as well.

You have a great, optimistic attitude for the coming year. Good for you!