Wednesday, December 25, 2013

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Merry Christmas! December Projects Day #25

Prompt for day #25: seek peace

Delicious food, conversation, joy at opening gifts (80% of our presents to each other were from thrift stores or hand-made... that's how we roll), stockings in the morning, naps in the afternoon, dancing in the kitchen and living room and dining room, reading well-worn-but-always-timely verses from Isaiah, but best of all, celebrating the arrival of God in Flesh.

He it is by whom all things were made,
and who was made one of all things;
who is the revealor of the Father,
the creator of the mother;

the Son of God by the Father without a mother,
the Son of man by the mother without a father;
the Word who is God before all time,
the Word made flesh at a fitting time;

the maker of the sun, made under the sun;
ordering all the ages from the bosom of the Father,
hallowing a day of to-day from the womb of the mother;
remaining in the former, coming forth from the latter;

author of the heaven and the earth,
sprung under the heaven out of the earth;
unutterably wise, in His wisdom a babe without utterance;
filling the world, lying in a manger.

~ Augustine of Hippo (354-430 A.D.), poem read in last night's Christmas eve service

Her Favorite Christmas Gift

Aunty helping Harmony open her stocking on Christmas morning

Playing horses with grandpa

Harmony's new Quiet Book, made with love by grandma

Playing with her favorite page in the Quiet Book

The most delicious Christmas chocolate cake EVER

The Christmas feast about to begin


I'll be taking a break on the blog from writing every day, as we wrap up this year with family visits, friends over for food and fun, and spending more time offline during my vacation from work. We wish you a Merry Christmas!



mountain girl said...

Wait a minute--who is the girl with the cake? And that's not Harmony's grandpa in the horse picture, is it? If they are they grandparents, that is incredible. They look younger than me! Sounds like a wonderful day with really great traditions!

the habit of being said...

looks like a very special Christmas full of family!

Sunneeh said...

Absolutely love the quiet book. Your Mom did such a beautiful job. What wonderful Christmas memories.