Monday, December 02, 2013

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December Projects, Day #2

Prompt for day #2: slant of light

December is the month of light for me. Just as the days are at their shortest limit, my focus is on light in two different ways. I notice the various ways we light our homes more as the sun's rays barely make it into our north-facing apartment: electric lights, the soft glow of candles, warm lamplight, flickering fire.

Also, beginning Advent, we are bringing to the forefront of our hearts the coming of the True Light into the darkness of the world, the Savior. Yesterday's picture would have been more appropriate for today, I suppose, but ah well!

I sit with my laptop open, the only light illuminating the living room as I type away. The clock on the microwave across the kitchen gleams its numbers through the black: 7:12. Time to get moving before the day officially begins with the awakening of the rest of the family. The curtain edges begin to glow as morning rises.

December Prompt a Day from Write Alm

Nature Table Enthralled



the habit of being said...

love finding all these kindred families that are celebrating advent this season - it is the best part of the season in our house.