Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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December Projects Day #18

Prompt for day #18: snow globe

Honestly, I have no inspiration coming from today's prompt. Part of it is that I've never owned a snow globe. Part of it is my own fault for being exhausted due to staying up until midnight. But staying up late was worth it, because I was able to talk to a friend who was becoming distanced, and all is right between us now. *big sigh of relief*

This will be one of the very, very few days where I actually seek out some kind of caffeine. After getting rather addicted to coffee and green tea during the first years of college, I quit drinking anything caffeinated, so when I do drink a cup, it's like an energy explosion. The trick is to time the beverage at the right time. If I drink it too early in the day, then I collapse before I'm done teaching in the evening; if I drink it too late in the afternoon, then I'm wired far past my bedtime (and my students think I've gone insane).

Lessons from last night: long distance friendships only continue to work out well if both people think the best of each other and don't let miscommunication, long periods of silence, or fear of judgement derail their connection. Plus, a little face to face Skype time is better than an impersonal email or text. WAY better.

In spite of the sleepiness, I'm grateful today for many things. Good morning, world.

Snowman Says "Good Morning"