Monday, December 16, 2013

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December Projects Day #16

Prompt for day #16: baby, it's cold outside

... so that's why we've been inside most of this weekend. 

"Even the best laid plans o' mice an' men, gang aft agley", as the quote goes. Six performances on mandolin and/or guitar or dancing with the flashmob this weekend turned into five, as one was moved to a different night that I couldn't attend, then turned to four when a babysitter became ill and had to cancel at the last minute. My sister had a fever that skyrocketed on Sunday, requiring a trip to the urgent care where she received antibiotics for a very nasty sinus infection. The snow rearranged our family's schedule further with guitar lessons that needed to be moved, outings postponed (little feet fall too easily on ice), and early morning trips to the church to plow the walks. 

Yet even in the midst of the hectic pace, unexpected joys arrived. My "adopted" little brother, Alec, who has been part of my life since he was fourteen, stayed with us for the first few days of his winter break of college (sophomore year) before driving home to Milwaukee. After switching back and forth between "Adis" and "Avec" for a while, Harmony settled on "Adec" and was very happy to spend time with her new best friend. 

This weekend brought more beautiful traditions of the Christmas season like our Lessons and Carols celebration. Poetry, Scripture passages, instrumental music, a crowd of forty in a lovely home, heartfelt prayers, raised voices in carols, and delicious food made for two beautiful evenings. All the other performances went very well too. In spite of the ice on the roads, we finally managed a trip to my favorite new local landmark, Strange Donuts, to try their weekend special, the Pizza Done (a donut and a pizza together?! that's dinner AND dessert at the same time! brilliant!). 

Also, the most amazing thing happened last night that brought me to tears.... but it's such an incredible story that I need to wait until I have more time later write about it. Oh, don't worry, I will certainly be writing it down. You'll just have to wait and see!

Family Doesn't Always Have to Be Related


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Yikes, I hope your sister is feeling better soon! Being sick is no fun, especially something very serious.

How lovely you're getting to see your brother/ Harmony's bestie though. Stay warm and safe. I look forward to the remainder of your story. :)