Saturday, December 21, 2013

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December Projects Day #21

Prompt for day #21: hello winter

Freezing temperatures plus down-pouring rain all day is not the ideal way to celebrate the solstice, but we're at least thankful for all the water that the midwest can get. This summer brought drought conditions that left everyone praying for more moisture during the cold months. Now all the snow from the past weekend has melted away. Looks like we'll be having a snow-free, chilly Christmas this year. 

I wonder if every year as a parent changes a person as much as this past year has changed me. So much in my thoughts and views is altered, in little and large ways. It was all very gradual, not too many things that were so sudden in change that I was jerked out of my comfort zone, but small stretching, a push here, a pull there, until I look back and see how much my world has expanded since this time last year. It's like looking back down from a climb up the side of a mountain, where you can see just how far you've come, and it's astounding. Then I look up and am glad that the future path ahead is shrouded in mist, because if we could really see what lay in store for the journey, then wouldn't we be tempted to turn back or dig in our heels? 

We can plan our route, pack our best tools, wear the thickest boots, bundle up against the elements... but we can't know exactly what the path will bring. Here's to welcoming with bravery and determined steps the coming months, the changing of the seasons, and new growth. 

Anticipating the Coming of the Christ-Child

* I missed day number twenty. Too much busyness, but that's okay.