Sunday, December 01, 2013

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Two New Projects! December Prompt-a-day and December Photo Project

Prompt for day #1: write a list

In the past two years, I've discovered something very important about myself: I need lists. There is no other way to get around my full-of-holes memory. At my guitar studio and on my desk at home are piles of sticky notes ready to be used. My calendar and whiteboard are generally full. Sometimes it feels like I spend ridiculous amounts of time writing stuff down, but truly it's for the best.

Now that December is here, I need to take the evening of this first day and make out all the necessary lists: the stocking stuffer list, the family members who need gifts list, the music and dance performances are on these dates list, the bake which holiday goodies on which days list, the times reserved just for my family and nothing else list.

I also have to create all my regular lists that need to occur as well: the grocery shopping on these days list, the pay the bills here list, the cleaning bits of the house list, the fun playdates with fellow moms and toddlers list. They go on and on. Most people can probably keep their homes running and families clothed and clean and fed without the craziness of so much paper and ink, but there's just something about my brain that doesn't work without 'em.

In the busyness of December, it will be good to stay focused behind the scenes knowing that our lives are running smoothly, all because of the planning ahead those lists allow me to do!

~ December Prompt a Day from Write Alm

Beginning of December and Advent Together



the habit of being said...

i cannot function without a list. must have especially at this time of year!