Thursday, December 13, 2012

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DPP, Day #13

I take pictures with my cell phone pretty often, mostly to send photos of Harmony to her loving but distant relatives across the states. The pictures aren't very high quality since I don't have a smart phone or Instagram. But they sometimes turn out very cute. Here are some of my favorites that were taken recently! Harmony is getting more and more fun to play with, as you can see : )

Also, I forgot to add to yesterday's post that after we put Harmony to bed, that doesn't necessarily mean she'll STAY asleep. Most of the time she wakes up quite a bit, not just right after we put her to bed, but all night long. Often it's night terrors, where she'll wake up crying instantly and need reassuring from me or Chris that everything is okay; recently, she's been teething, so we keep the Hyland's teething tablets handy. And sometimes she just wakes up because she thinks she's had enough sleep (like at six in the morning... ugh). She sleeps the least amount of any baby I've ever known. When she sleeps through the night someday, I just might explode from surprise and awe. 

Tomorrow is going to be super busy, so I'm hoping that I'll remember to take the camera out of the case! 

Daddy Playtime

Grandpa Playtime

Mama Playtime