Sunday, December 16, 2012

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DPP, Day #15

How time flies. I'm thankful for all the moments that I share with family, friends, and friends who are practically family. My photo is of two lovely people who I've known for years, which is why I included one of the earlier pictures below. Their family has welcomed me and Chris (and now Harmony) into their lives; we've joined them for holidays, and had countless meals together. Every year that we celebrate A. and S.'s birthdays makes me grateful to know them.

It seems like just yesterday A. was shorter than me, barely coming up to my shoulder, learning how to juggle, attending concerts, playing in the same guitar ensemble, discussing books he was reading for school, getting his driver's license... and now he's in college, home for the holidays, and we're ice skating in celebration of his sister S.'s sixteenth birthday. 

I just attended a performance of the Nutcracker ballet where S. danced last week. She was beautiful on stage, so graceful. Thankful for these friends.


4 1/2 Years Ago