Sunday, December 09, 2012

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DPP, Day #9

It's been a relaxing, quiet day spent with family. Harmony has come down with the same cold that I had, and my mom is fighting sickness too. I'm still getting over that cough. We had our Sunday meal together, watched a movie, rested, and chatted. A peaceful end to the hectic weekend.

Harmony sat up for the first time today on her own. She acted like she's been doing it forever. It was sad to see her so grumpy with a runny nose, little cough, and tired eyes. Several naps were taken today, which is unusual for her. Hopefully she'll get better soon.

I guess I'll just publish my posts when I get the chance and not overstress about a specific time!

Hanging the Ornaments
Harmony and grandma decorating for Christmas 
First Time Sitting Up!
(blurry, but at least we got a picture)
Sunday Family Luncheon
Zuppa Tuscana, Cheesy Bread, and Kale-Quinoa Sweet Salad



cookwithharry said...

How wonderful. Inside, outside, and all around Melody !!