Sunday, December 09, 2012

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DPP, Day #8

Drag myself out of a warm bed. Teach make-up lessons all morning. Cook lunch for the family. Make a snack to share for a baby shower. Go to baby shower. Rush across town to the ensemble performance at a local mall. Feel super relieved that Harmony allows me to conduct the ensemble while wearing her in the sling! Change a poopy diaper while balancing Harmony on my lap in the front seat of the car. Grab dinner at Wendy's. Drive back across town to drop Harmony off with loving grandparents. Drive a loooooong way to see a dear friend dance in a performance of the Nutcracker ballet. Drive back late at night to pick up the sleeping baby. Come home to eat chicken pot pie leftovers with Chris.

My crazy, awesome life. 

And I'm going to start posting my picture of the day on the morning after, because it's getting too tough to post them every night before I go to bed!

Dancing the Nutcracker
Lovely friend in the blue dress

Conductor's Helper

Nutcracker #2