Friday, December 07, 2012

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DPP, Day #7

My mom makes the best food ever. Hands down, she creates some of the most tasty dishes that I have ever had the pleasure to eat. Today was no exception; she made quinoa patties that were to DIE for! I think I demolished seven of them. We had them for dinner last night, too, but the lunchtime patties were even better. One thing I really like about my mom is that she not only makes a recipe taste great, but she improves upon the original recipe, adding a new ingredient, more of an ingredient, extra spices, etc. She cooks with real food, fresh food whenever possible, and the result is healthy dishes that explode with flavor and deliciousness. Here is the recipe that she is making in this picture (she added a can of drained albacore tuna, used both grated carrot and grated zucchini, and extra spices; plus, she made a killer tzatziki sauce to go with it). 

The pomegranate seeds weren't involved in the recipe. They were just nearby because we were snacking on them. Aren't they beautiful? Like edible jewels.

We went to a local community night, which my stepdad was involved in, and my mom snapped a cute picture of Harmony and I. So here it is : )

Cooking With Real Food

Night Lights



Janette said...

Thanks for the compliment :) Some of the other things I did was to lightly fry in coconut oil instead of olive oil, added fresh parsley that I had (all around just a lot more of all of the vegetables) and potato starch instead of flour (if one wants it gluten free.) Experiment and change things up! Great recipe!