Tuesday, December 18, 2012

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DPP, Day #17

Harmony wouldn't stay still for this picture, big surprise! So it wasn't a very clear shot. But this onesie was a Christmas gift from a student, and I just about died from the awesomeness. I actually have a tye-dyed t-shirt with a guitar on it like this, which used to be my sister's when she was about six years old, and I've been saving it ever since then for the possible someday daughter. I love tye-dye!

Chris and I would LOVE it if Harmony wanted to be a musician. I would be happy if Harmony wanted to play guitar, especially. But if she doesn't, then that is completely fine. I really mean that! We'd rather her find enjoyment in the activities she likes, because every child is different. Just because her parents are both musicians doesn't mean Harmony will want to be also, although she will certainly grow up around a lot of music. We will support Harmony as she discovers what her talents are and what she loves to do. 

Tie-dye Fun