Wednesday, December 05, 2012

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DPP, Day #5

A lingering stuffy nose and slight cough are all that's left of the sickness. Today's picture is my morning cup of tea, which magically had a heart appear in the tea bag : )  Now that cooler weather is here, tea is once more all the rage around my home. I'll re-use a bag two or three times to get all the flavor out, adding a spoonful of local honey and a squeeze of fresh lemon to every cup. The honey has helped my allergies, and the lemon boosts my immune system with some vitamin C. 

Also, dance parties happen pretty often. Even while cooking dinner. Harmony likes them a lot. And we like Christmas music a lot. Put the two together, and we have dance parties to Christmas music!

Love In My Tea

Cooking Dinner with Christmas Music

Our Ensemble's First Performance