Saturday, December 22, 2012

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DPP, Day #22

How wonderful to spend the afternoon decorating a Christmas tree with my family! I'm so glad we were able to wait for my sister to be here so that we can carry on the tradition of decorating the tree together. We also set up the nativity scene, which was graced by Harmony's dragon. The dragon rides with her in her carseat everywhere; I don't know what the name of he/she is, because Harmony has not told us yet, but the dragon is a constant companion in our travels. My sister, Em, crocheted the dragon for Harmony.

We listened to the same Christmas music on CDs that we always have. We drank egg nog, like we always have. We'll also watch the Muppet's Christmas Carol, open a family present on Christmas Eve, and enjoy this beautiful time together. 

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