Tuesday, December 18, 2012

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DPP, Day #18

This is what my December looks like. My teaching schedule is not even on the calendar (teaching four days a week), nor is Chris's almost full time work schedule written down there (his work hours change every week and are kept on a different calendar)... this is just what our other commitments entail. At the beginning of December, I thought that I'd probably flounder and drown under the busyness of it all! Now, half-way done, I'm learning how to take time from the big picture of the day and find peace and joy in the little moments. 

Listening to silence in the car as Harmony naps after errands.

Dancing to Christmas music in the middle of afternoon chores.

Relaxing in the steam of a (brief) hot shower.

Seeing how many people I can get to smile at the grocery store when they see Harmony.

Taking a break from the umpteen loads of clean laundry that needs folded to say hello to a sweet neighbor.

Pausing whatever I'm doing to give my Bug another hug or kiss : )

And then, time seems to slow down, I laugh and remember how blessed I am, and my December doesn't look so crazy after all.

Days Full of Moments