Thursday, December 06, 2012

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DPP, Day #6

Today is St. Nicholas's Day. We were given small gifts by Chris's family, so this morning we opened Harmony's present (a Christmas tree ornament) and put it in her shoe, as tradition holds. Why put it in the shoes? Well, we looked it up on the ever-clever internet, and supposedly it has to do with the locale that celebrates the Day of St. Nicholas, namely the German immigrants in various parts of the world, including St. Louis and Cincinnati. So it's a sweet little tradition that Harmony will hopefully remember more as she gets older. In light of St. Nicholas being a reminder of charity, we also want to have the tradition of helping others and/or giving gifts to others on this day, too.

And yes, Harmony's Robeez shoes are adorable. We just bought them lightly used at a local resale store for an amazing price. Today was her first day actually wearing them. Hopefully they'll fit for quite a while, since they're perfect for crawling and toddling.

Even though I usually post more pictures on the blog, this was really the only one taken today, and Chris was the one who took it! We were so busy running around town, cleaning the house, and preparing for this upcoming crazy weekend that the camera stayed in my purse most of the day. I need to remember to take it out more!

Pony in My Shoe